Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sweden national day

June 6 is the Sweden national day.

I've been living here in Sweden for more nine years and celebrating Sweden national day is always part of me. Unfortunately we did not celebrated this time due to some of uncertain circumstances that came along our married life. It was not a problem though between me and my husband but a little bit of disappointment for both of us. I will maybe post about it some other time. It's still fresh for me and I could not move on if I keep on thinking about it. 

Thankfully to my husband who is and will always be with me no matter what. Well sometimes life is full of trials, struggles and lot more that need to be faced and accept.

Well back to the Sweden national day, it was indeed a happy celebration (I assumed). Lots of Swedish citizens celebrated and did some traditional activities together. 

And for me, everyday is national day. Stay positive and peace all over the country.
 My sisters daughter wearing traditonal swedish attire
 If you could understand swedish, here is our national flag means

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