Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sweden/swedish life

Being a foreigner in one country isn't that easy especially if you did not speak the same language as mostly do. 

I've been living in Sweden for 9 years and have been trying to adopt every single Swedish culture. We/us Filipinos known as the most hospital people and I have been trying to be the same in Sweden but many says, it would not work like that in Sweden.

At first, I thought of Swedish language as "duck language". I called it so because I couldn't understand any Swedish word, not even one. When I heard them talking in Swedish, I felt so stupid of not understanding even a single word. Thankfully Sweden offered us free language learning for us from other countries could learn to speak swedish.

After 3 years of fighting and "nagsusunog ng kilay" I finally can and understand Swedish. I maybe  speak not perfect grammar but I am proud i can speak their language. 

My nine years here in Sweden have been in so many ups and down, especially when it come to try to live as normal as it is. I mean, need to finish some profession to good future and good salary. Of course I could work here even if I don't finish any course but maybe as cleaners or gardener.

I am thankful to my husband who helped me along the way. I will continue to write about my struggles for me to finish my preschool teacher course. 

Happy sunday everyone.

Sweden t-shirt

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