Sunday, July 31, 2016

Blue Monday: Budapest (Hungary)

Been a while for a while. My Blue Monday entry for this week is our Budapest (Hungary) vacation.

Before i flew alone to Philippines, I and hubby were in one week vacation in Budapest. It was our first time there. The city was so lovely and easy to go around. The people were so hospitable and friendly.

In our one week there, we roamed around the city, ate delicious goulash (soup) and ate yummy foods. We surely will come back again someday.

Here are some of my pictures with blue on it perfect for Blue Monday.

Happy Monday everyone.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Blue Monday: Hat party

Another Blue Monday.

We have an anual hat party every year here in Gothenburg. Every year we have different theme. We have winners for the best hat and lots of foods.

The event purpose is for us filipina ladies, to at least have fun on ourseleves. Meaning for us ladies only. No kids, no husbands and no boys allowed on our hat party.

These pictures were taken last year. Our theme was flowery dress. Next time (next month), it will be filipiniana attire (Philippine national custome).   Looking forward for it.

My guest last year was Nathalia Uruguay
With my best friends Shy and Janeth
Picture taking after the party
Getting ready
While waiting the other guests

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pink Saturday: Aquinnah

Summer vacation is just about to start here in Sweden. Unfortunately i and hubby cannot travel to Philippines this time due to some important matters that need to priorities.

I miss my family back home (Philippines) and really wanted to have our vacation there. Hopefully in two years we can visit my family again. This is depend on how will it goes our on going "important matters" that we are doing now.

Anyway here are some photos of my very cute little niece Aquinnah. She love pink so do i... Happy Pink Saturday everyone.

On her swedish national custom and pink umbrella
Summer pink pool
Pink swim wear/suit
pink jacket and pink umbrella

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back to Blue Monday

I will join again this BLue Monday meme of Sally.

My entry for my late post is our last year vacation in Rhodos, Greece. I and hubby spent our two weeks vacation in Rhodos Island in Greece. We explored the whole island, sun bathed, swimmed, ate gyros (Greek food), shopped and lot more. I really like Rhodos and if we find another reasonable package (ticket) this summer, we will probably be there next month. We'll see...we wish we could find soon.

Sorry for my late post Sally. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I'm Back "Pink Saturday"

Very late post. I am finally back here on blog world. This is my new blog. The other blog i have "Food Lover" is still going on.

Anyway, i have been posted this Pink Saturday own by LV way back  four years ago. I stopped blogging for a while due to busy schedule (school and work). I'm done with my school and i am now  swedish preschool teacher.

As my welcome back post to this cute Pink Saturday,  i would love to share my dearest friend Sarah's 30th birthday celebrattion. This was taken last february.

I hope i am still welcome to this beautiful meme. Happy pink saturday everyone.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sweden national day

June 6 is the Sweden national day.

I've been living here in Sweden for more nine years and celebrating Sweden national day is always part of me. Unfortunately we did not celebrated this time due to some of uncertain circumstances that came along our married life. It was not a problem though between me and my husband but a little bit of disappointment for both of us. I will maybe post about it some other time. It's still fresh for me and I could not move on if I keep on thinking about it. 

Thankfully to my husband who is and will always be with me no matter what. Well sometimes life is full of trials, struggles and lot more that need to be faced and accept.

Well back to the Sweden national day, it was indeed a happy celebration (I assumed). Lots of Swedish citizens celebrated and did some traditional activities together. 

And for me, everyday is national day. Stay positive and peace all over the country.
 My sisters daughter wearing traditonal swedish attire
 If you could understand swedish, here is our national flag means

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sweden/swedish life

Being a foreigner in one country isn't that easy especially if you did not speak the same language as mostly do. 

I've been living in Sweden for 9 years and have been trying to adopt every single Swedish culture. We/us Filipinos known as the most hospital people and I have been trying to be the same in Sweden but many says, it would not work like that in Sweden.

At first, I thought of Swedish language as "duck language". I called it so because I couldn't understand any Swedish word, not even one. When I heard them talking in Swedish, I felt so stupid of not understanding even a single word. Thankfully Sweden offered us free language learning for us from other countries could learn to speak swedish.

After 3 years of fighting and "nagsusunog ng kilay" I finally can and understand Swedish. I maybe  speak not perfect grammar but I am proud i can speak their language. 

My nine years here in Sweden have been in so many ups and down, especially when it come to try to live as normal as it is. I mean, need to finish some profession to good future and good salary. Of course I could work here even if I don't finish any course but maybe as cleaners or gardener.

I am thankful to my husband who helped me along the way. I will continue to write about my struggles for me to finish my preschool teacher course. 

Happy sunday everyone.

Sweden t-shirt