Monday, June 20, 2016

Blue Monday: Hat party

Another Blue Monday.

We have an anual hat party every year here in Gothenburg. Every year we have different theme. We have winners for the best hat and lots of foods.

The event purpose is for us filipina ladies, to at least have fun on ourseleves. Meaning for us ladies only. No kids, no husbands and no boys allowed on our hat party.

These pictures were taken last year. Our theme was flowery dress. Next time (next month), it will be filipiniana attire (Philippine national custome).   Looking forward for it.

My guest last year was Nathalia Uruguay
With my best friends Shy and Janeth
Picture taking after the party
Getting ready
While waiting the other guests

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  1. Hello Gin, I do adore your hat party and the use of a theme is even more fun. Your photos from last year's hat party are so cute. I look forward to seeing this year's party.

    My family often have parties with a theme. Our hat party was the most fun of all. It was mostly family and we too give prizes for the best hats.
    Thank you for sharing your party tradition.

    Hugs, Jeanne